A Simple Introduction to SEO

New websites spring up every day. Starting a new website is difficult. Sure it is easy to design a website and find a good web host and set it all up. However, those who really want their website to flourish really ought to look at their marketing plan.

seo2Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most valuable internet marketing strategy for websites. It delivers a generous amount of benefits and advantages that no other form of online marketing can provide. Websites that dismiss or do not employ SEO tactics in their online marketing plan would be disingenuous in not giving it any sort of consideration.

Incorporating an SEO operation into a marketing plan is not as easy or simple as it sounds. Do not worry though; understanding the simple basics of SEO marketing strategies is not that difficult. A good overview of what it does for a website is enough for most website managers to get a good grasp of just how useful it can be in helping the website’s success. Here is a simple introduction on SEO operations and the benefits that they provide a website.

What is SEO?

SEO is a method for increasing a website’s visibility on a search engine’s search engine results page (SERP). It has something to do with the design of the website as a whole. SEO practices began since the mid-1990s when content providers and webmaster started to analyze how search engines worked. After a careful study, these people began to design websites to conform to the standards set by search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.

The process involves a look at how the internet community uses search engines. What the internet user searches for, keywords or the words use and the kind of search engine that people use when surfing the net. Furthermore, SEO techniques involve looking at the website’s construction. This involves delving into the website’s content, web design, structure, coding and so forth.

All of these activities are conducted so that the website will be more relevant to the searches made by internet users.

So what does it do for a website?

The most obvious effect of a well implemented SEO strategy is that it increases the website’s visibility on SERPs. Internet users have a strong reliance on search engine technology to get the websites that they want. Most website managers know this, which is why they design their websites to make it easier for search engines to find them.
A well designed SEO strategy will increase the website’s visibility on an SERP. This in turn makes it easier for the desired audience to locate the website. Studies have shown that most people do not even bother to go to the SERP’s second page; instead relying on the first few results they are given.

Making it easier for people to find a website is a necessity if the website wants to increase its traffic volume. Websites want a lot of traffic for one reason or another. Some advocacy websites benefit from the volume of traffic because it allows them to spread their message. A website that relies on advertising to earn money will generate more advertiser interest once it acquires a huge following. E-commerce websites, websites that deal in products or services, earn more money as the amount of traffic to their website increases.

Two options for launching an SEO campaign

There are basically two options available to websites that want to implement or use an SEO strategy. The first option leaves a website to fend for itself. The website will implement its own SEO strategy. This takes a lot of time, money and effort since the website has to start from scratch and is especially true if the website does not have dedicated staff.

The other option is the one most websites opt for. Hiring an SEO company is the practical choice. It is a wise investment. SEO companies already know what they are doing and have the necessary resources to launch a successful SEO campaign.